Poly Belts

  •   The RIB belt is ribbed, wider and thinner, which gives it greater flexibility around smaller pulleys. It was designed to run off the backside of the belt as well as the ribs.

  •   This allows the RIB belt to power "Serpentine" drives - drives that require power to be transmitted from both sides of the belt.

  •   It comprises of Fibre reinforced, truncated rib profile for higher load-carrying capacity and better wear.

Product Range

Ribbed Poly Belts

  •   Even distribution of the working load throughout the complete belt width.
  •   Compact smooth running drive system with low vibration.
  •   Small pulley diameters can be used in combination with inside or outside idlers.

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Special poly belts

  •   V-ribbed on both sides of the belt
  •   Specially designed to resist wear and cracking
  •   Broad coverage on unique applications

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Automotive Belts

  •   Precise dimensions control of rib profile transmits load efficiently throughout allowing components to operate at optimum levels
  •   Reduced vibrations, shock absorber, low stretch and an excellent behaviour under heavy load conditions.

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